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thumb_updonald ahmed
"The comfort and toilets in the bus"
"Comfortable and safe"
"I enjoy to travel with your bus"
thumb_downmorapedi molaoa
"It is always delayed don't knw way I was late for important meeting from bloem to vanderbeilpark"
thumb_upisak mokere
"So relaxed, bus drivers are so friendly, we got discount when we swip with capitec cards waaau I like travelling with Greyhound 👌👌👌👌"
thumb_upmmathabo mafomane
"The good service and the panctuality of the bus. The comfort and the friendliyness of the staff"
"Greyhound buses are always late, I mean I've been using one stop for the whole year and not in a single did the bus arrive according to the time stipulated on their bus schedule"

Greyhound contact

  • 011 611 8000
  • Customer Care Centre, 29 Lepus Rd - Crown Mines, Johannesburg - 2090, South Africa

All you need to know about Greyhound

All Information about South Africa Greyhound bus bookings

Typical customers questions and doubts about travelling on Greyhound buses.


How to book a Greyhound bus ticket online?

You can book your bus ticket online through the company's website.

Browsing at Greyhound South Africa website you can choose your bus ticket before your trip.  The payment can be made using a credit card, payd, Mastercard mobile and Mobicred.

Where can you buy Greyhound bus tickets?

You can buy the Greyhound bus tickets online through the website. You also can get tickets via the call centre at 011 611 8000.

Another option is to buy a bus ticket on Greyhound Offices, find more information about it calling: 087 352 0352.

How much is a Greyhound ticket?

Every Greyhound ticket price is related to the bus route.

How further away from the trip, the bus ticket price will be higher.

Bus routes where the destination city, province or village are near from the departure city, the ticket price is usually lower.

Where to buy Greyhound tickets in South Africa?

All tickets in South Africa from this company are available on Greyhound's website, call centre, offices and bus stations.

Can you buy Greyhound tickets on the bus?

Check directly with the bus company to assure if you can buy your ticket directly on the bus.

Greyhound contact details: 087 352 0352.

How to get a free Greyhound bus ticket?

Greyhound offers tickets discounts for several groups of passengers, such as students, children, senior citizens, and others. Check if you fit in one of the rules, and get your bus ticket with a cheap fare.

Are Greyhound buses running today?

Yes, several Greyhound buses are running every day. Search more details and find the best bus route and timetable at


How to change my Greyhound ticket date?

You can change your Greyhound ticket date if you request it at least 24 hours before your bus departure.

What happens if the new ticket is more expensive than the first one?

If the new ticket price is higher than the first one bought, you must pay the difference.

What happens if the new ticket is cheaper than the original one?

In the case of the new bus ticket price is cheaper from the previous one, you will receive a refund. If you paid using a credit card, you would receive the rebate directly to your card. If you paid your ticket using cash, you would also receive the refund in cash.

Can I cancel my Greyhound bus ticket?

You can cancel your bus ticket and get a refund, but you must request the cancellation at least 72 hours before your bus departure. If you ask for cancellation with less than 72 hours of your bus departure, your ticket won't be refunded. In this case, you will receive a trip voucher, that allows you to book another Greyhound bus ticket during the next six months.

In both cases, you must pay a cancellation fee. Greyhound contact details for this matter, call the customer care at 087 352 0352.

Does Greyhound refund bus ticket?

Yes, Greyhound refunds bus tickets. However,  you must request the cancellation and the bus ticket refund at least 72 hours before the bus departure.

If you do it, with less than 72 hours, the company allows only you to rebook your ticket.

You can request the Greyhound ticket refund through the customer care phone or at a Greyhound office. For information call 087 352 0352.


How much does Greyhound charge for baggage?

Each traveller can bring two pieces of luggage not exceeding 80cm x 60cm x 30cm in size. These items cannot exceed 30 kg.

In a case of excess baggage, the company can charge an R4.00 fee per kilogram exceeded.


Are pets allowed on Greyhound?

No, pets are not allowed to travel on a bus.

The company admits only trained guide dogs guiding a visually impaired person.


Do Greyhound buses have outlets to charge phones?

Yes, buses have charging points for your mobile phone, tablet and laptop.

Are there toilets on Greyhound buses?

Yes, there are toilets on the bus.

What features the Greyhound bus have?

Greyhound has two types of bus, the luxury and standard one.

The luxury bus has more space and comfort features while the other coaches have standard features.

The Greyhound Budget Service are Greyhound Single Decker and Greyhound Double Decker.

The budget bus offer:

- Inpidual air vents;

- Inpidual reading lights;

- Audio/visual entertainment;

- Hostesses and onboard service available on selected routes;

Dreamliner Category

The Dreamliner category has more luxurious buses, spacious and comfortable.

This five-star bus is called Business class.

This category offers more feature for their passengers as:

- Memory foam seats;

- Seats recline to 180 degrees;

- Leg rests;

- Inpidual air vents;

- Inpidual reading lights;

- Audio/visual entertainment;

- Inpidual removable tray tables;

- Earphones available to purchase from the onboard crew;

- Secluded cabin;

Besides which kind of available buses, all of them offer:

- An Emergency Toilet;

- Air conditioning and heaters;

- 24-Hour Tracking;

- Drive Cam;

- Onboard Hostess and Service.

- Inpidual armrests;

- Inpidual tray tables;

Broad information

Greyhound is one of the biggest bus companies in South Africa.

The first bus travel happened in 1984 when the company started its services defined by professionalism punctuality.

It operates routes to and from many villages dorpies and towns in South Africa.

Besides South Africa, Greyhound bus network covers cities in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Greyhound South Africa buses travel yearly more than 1.4 million passengers with a coach solution connecting cities.

When you decide to take a trip using Greyhound buses, you actually find a luxury coach solution connecting hundreds of destinations.

Besides, you find good old fashioned politeness, safety and quality to enjoy a more comfortable time during your journey.

At, find all information about bus travel, such as Greyhound bus ticket prices, timetables, and local stations addresses.

Keep in mind to check all trip details before buying your Greyhound bus tickets.

Also on bus schedules and ticket fares, remember to verify all Greyhound bus customers reviews.

You can find several travellers opinions about this bus company and its services.

Previous travellers rated and reviewed Greyhound professionalism punctuality and good staff services plus drivers safety.

5 main Greyhound bus routes for the main travellers

These are the favourite luxury coach solution Greyhound routes at the South African territory.

Greyhound bus ticket prices and schedules from Johannesburg - Gauteng to Durban - KwaZulu Natal

At least 7 Greyhound bus schedules are leaving every day to Durban.

Bus travel takes around 4 hours in length.

Price start from R 210.00 up to R 440.00 each seat.

Intercape, Translux and Eldo Coaches also operate this route.

Get Greyhound prices from Johannesburg to Durban

Greyhound timetable from Johannesburg - Gauteng to Cape Town - Western Cape

A minimum of 11 schedules every day leaving to Cape Town.

Bus travel takes around 18 hours and 15 minutes in length.

Prices are from R 400.00 up to R 650.00 each seat.

Eagle Liner, Eldo Coaches, Intercape, City to City and Translux also operate this route.

More on Greyhound Johannesburg to Cape Town

Greyhound travel from Cape Town - Western Cape to Johannesburg - Gauteng

At least of 7 trips each day leaving to Cape Town.

This travel takes around 17 hours in trip length.

Rates are from R 399.00 up to R 780.00 each seat.

Intercape, City to City and Translux also serve this route.

Find tickets on Greyhound Cape Town to Johannesburg

Greyhound fares from Cape Town - Western Cape to Durban - KwaZulu Natal

At least 5 bus schedules are departing every day to Durban.

Bus travel takes around 4 hours in length.

Price start from R 540.00 up to R 795.00 each seat.

Intercape and Translux also explore this route.

Get Greyhound prices from Cape Town to Durban

Greyhound timetable from Pretoria - Gauteng to Durban - KwaZulu Natal

A minimum of 25 Greyhound buses each day to Durban.

This travel takes around 9 hours and 45 minutes on trip length.

Price start from R 150.00 up to R 520.00 each seat.

Intercape, Eagle Liner, City to City, Eldo Coaches, Citiliner and Translux also explore this route.

Timetable and prices from Pretoria to Durban

3 Greyhound Main Departures

There are more than 140 departures and arrivals locations nationwide.

Between them, you can find below the main cities that Greyhound operates.

Company LocationBus routes optionsPopular destinationsLocation page
Greyhound JohannesburgMore than 28 bus origins to Johannesburg, in Gauteng.Johannesburg x Durban

Johannesburg x Bulawayo

Johannesburg x Cape Town

Find more at Johannesburg

Greyhound DurbanMore than 20 bus origins to Durban, in KwaZulu-Natal.Durban x Johannesburg

Durban x Cape Town

Find more at Durban
Greyhound Cape TownMore than 20 bus origins to Cape Town, in Western Cape.Cape Town x Pretoria

Cape Town x Durban

Cape Town x Port Elizabeth

Find more at Cape Town

How to search for a Greyhound bus ticket?

At, you find the best tool for finding your Greyhound bus ticket.

Start filling up the two highlighted indicated search boxes.

The first within it is the city you will be leaving from, and the second with the destination you want to go to.

After this step, you will get a dedicated list of all departures at the bus timetable page on the chosen route.

At this timetable list, you can find Greyhound bus schedules and ticket prices.

Plus departure, arrival time, trip length and other bus information.

Also, find other bus companies who also serve this route.

Moreover, in the middle part of the webpage, you find reviews made by previous travellers about companies services.

Once selected your preferred trip, you click on “buy tickets,” you will be redirected to Greyhound website to book your bus ticket finally.

How does it work to book a Greyhound bus South Africa ticket?

You can book your ticket through a variety of several channels.

Greyhound bookings offer options online, and offline for you purchase your ticket.

Greyhound bus bookings online

To buy tickets at the company website, just go to and there choose your Greyhound bus schedule.

This is the quickest and comfortable way to get your Greyhound tickets.

Only credit cards and debit cards are accepted as online payment.

Be aware that it isn't possible greyhound online booking using international credit cards.

If the passenger is from a foreign country, to book a ticket, it is required to make a Greyhound contact on the Call Centre +27(0)116118000 and execute a bank deposit.

Bus Booking at Travel Agency or Sales Offices

Other option to get your ticket is going directly to a near travel agency or sales office in your city.

First of all, you should check if there is a bus departure available at and choose the best schedule and bus price.

You can decide to make the payment by cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

Sales Offices in South Africa
Sales Office in Eastern Cape

LocationAddressPhone number
East LondonWindmill Park, Moore Street - Quigney043 743 9284
Port ElizabethSimpson Building, Shop. Nr 4. Ring Road - Greenacres 6045041 363 4555

Sales Office in Free State

LocationAddressPhone number
BloemfonteinTourist Centre Park Road051 447 1558
KroonstadShell Ultra City056 212 5527

Sales Office in Gauteng

LocationAddressPhone number
JohannesburgPark City Transit Centre - Johannesburg Station011 276 8550
JohannesburgCnr Polly & Church Street011 336 9184
JohannesburgCaltex Star Shop. N1 Highway - Midrand011 315 1458
Pretoria1928 Building012 323 1154

Sales Office in KwaZulu-Natal

LocationAddressPhone number
DurbanMotor Coach Terminal - New Durban Station, N.M.R. Avenue031 334 9702 / 083 915 9000 / 011 276 8500
Pietermaritzburg267 Burger Street033 345 3175

Sales Office in Mpumalanga

LocationAddressPhone number
NelspruitOld Mutual Place - Louis Trichardt Street013 753 2100

Sales Office in Northern Cape

LocationAddressPhone number
Kimberley121 Bulfontein Road 8301053 832 6040

Sales Office in Western Cape

LocationAddressPhone number
Cape TownAdderley Street083 915 9000

Sales Offices in Zimbabwe

LocationAddressPhone number
BulawayoBlue Arrow Reservations - Unifreight House - 73A Fife Street002 639 889 078
HarareRoad Port - Cnr Robert Mugabe & 5th Street002 634 732 080

Booking At Greyhound Outlets

The payment must be made using credit cards, debit cards, cash, loyalty card or Edcon Card.

Buying Greyhound Ticket by Phone

You can book your ticket by phone.

It is necessary, call 083 915 9000.

The payment should make by credit card.

Vitality Program

All members from Vitality Program can get 20% off on their bus ticket.

The discount is only valid for purchases in Outlets.

It is necessary to pre-book the ticket and present the Membership Card before booking and boarding in the coach.

Greyhound Loyalty Club - Rewards Program

The Greyhound bus company has a rewards travel programme for its travellers.

The program gives free bus ticket for all passengers who are Loyalty members.

The Loyalty Programme works on a point system.

These distributed points are according to the price was paid for the bus ticket, as shown below.

Ticket price rangePoints
R 0 - R 4910
R 50 - R 9920
R 100 - R 14930
R 150 - R 19940
R 200 - R 24950
R 250 - R 29960
R 300 - R 34970
R 350 - R 39980
R 400 - R 44990
R 450 - R 499100
R 500 - R Plus110

After some scores, these points can be changed for a free bus ticket.

Which may be used to travel to any destination provided by the company.

Value of Points

Accumulated pointseReward
2501 free bus ticket worth up to R 199.00
4001 free bus ticket worth up to R 399.00
8001 free bus ticket worth up to R 599.00
12001 free bus ticket worth up to R 799.00
16001 free bus ticket worth up to R 999.00

Important Notes About the programme is to know these points cannot be transferred to no one.

Members are not allowed to use points to buy a bus ticket for family or friend.

Where you find Greyhound bus stations?

There are hundreds of Greyhound terminals across South Africa.

In most of them, you find a ticket corner, bathroom and snack bars.  

The main buses sites in South Africa are:

Pretoria bus station is at Motorcoach Terminal, Pretoria Station, Scheiding Street - View on Map

Johannesburg bus station is located at Park City Transit Centre, Johannesburg Station - View on Map

Durban Bus Station is on 1 Jeff Taylor Crescent, Masabalala Yengwa Avenue - View on Map

Greyhound SA bus ticket prices

These categories of buses have a vast difference between the charged fares.

The business class can be much more expensive than the standard type, as shown in the below example:

A bus is leaving from Johannesburg to Durban, and passengers will pay a bus fare starting from R 330 for Standard Class.

To illustrate the price difference, on the same route the Business Class fare starts on R 440.

Bus Travel Tips

Documents are required for your bus travel.

Be aware, you cannot board the bus without an ID or Passport.

In the case of foreign travellers, the passenger must have a valid passport and is required visas for all journeys.

Boarding on Bus

It is always recommended that you arrive at the boarding point with about 30 minutes in advance from the scheduled departure time.

It may take a few minutes to dispatch luggage and finish all boarding process.