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"i like intercape, they are gud"
"i do not know what to write coz i am not interested"
"i really do not have time for this. i wish it should be voluntarily"
thumb_uptshepang gloria halahala
"Remarkable. Oh God i dont see myself travelling with any bus other than intercape. Its affordable, more than punctual and reliable, clean and neat, everything about intercape is perfect. Lol but the movies, can we please get latest movies."
"Comfortable seats and clean. Music was entertaining"
"Good customer care and always board intercape"
thumb_downdionette pienaar
"I am traveling from plett to east london. First my bus was late. Then when I get into the bus, the driver has absolutely no friendliness and was extremely rude. When we stopped and desperately needed to use the rest room, as the driver was trying to sort out a passenger, i asked him if i could please go use the rest room, he was so rude and aggressive and irritated behaviour towards me. I am not a very happy customer of yours, a driver is suppose to make you feel safe and comfortable... THIS driver however, gives me nothing but unprofessional and unpleasant behaviour. I would appreciate it if you could maybe revise this driver and his position at your company. The alarm of your speeding in your busses keeps going off on a very regular basis too.. this is such an unpleasant experience. Sadly i already bought my return ticket.."
thumb_downshinell saptoe
"Jan and Goliath ... we got on the bus 16h30 first stop 22h30pm.. (6 hours )... legs were stif from the long period sitting... next 15 stop..after asking several times.. in Potchefstroom... they were very rude and ignorant!"
thumb_downkobie groenewald
"Why is thier no coffee on any other drinks a available on the bus ? And maybe chips and sweets to buy will be nice. At every star stop the shops is so crowded sometimes you have to get back to the bus before you had time to buy some items at the fast food or shops then The toilet is usually smelling extremely bad when one travel to Cape Town and sometimes the staff only tells us the toilet water is finished. It's no pleasant trip if you sit near the toilets"
thumb_upamelia lekoane
"Communication was the key"

Intercape contact

  • +27 (0) 21 380 4400
  • Corner of Staal & Research Roads, Pretoria West, South Africa

All you need to know about Intercape


Intercape Bus service is one of the biggest bus company in Southern Africa. 

Intercape travels across seven countries in the continent.

As South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

The Intercape first bus travel was in 1971.

At that time, the company had only one bus, and didn't call Intercape.

Only in 1979, with more buses and a new route, the business had their name changed to Intercape.


Passengers can count with many Intercape bus routes.

After all, the company covers seven countries in the continent. 

In spite of all lines, these are the most searched bus lines and some details about Intercape bus prices and times:

β–Έ Intercape Bus Ticket from Johannesburg to Durban 

The bus travel from Johannesburg to Durban takes around 4 hours each length.

There are nearly 24 daily bus schedules from Johannesburg to Durban.

Intercape bus schedules represent at least three of them.

All available Johannesburg bus travel tickets to Durban usually costs from R 210.00 to R 440.00 per seat.

There are others bus companies that take this same route as Greyhound and Translux.

β–Έ Intercape Bus Ticket from Pretoria to Durban

The bus trip from Pretoria to Durban takes around 8 hours each length.

There are nearly 22 daily bus schedules from Pretoria to Durban.

Intercape bus schedules represents at least four of them.

All available Pretoria bus travel tickets to Durban usually costs from R 230.00 to R 380.00 per seat. 

There are others bus companies that take this same route as Greyhound and Translux.

β–Έ Intercape Bus Ticket from Cape Town to Johannesburg

Travelling by bus from Cape Town to Johannesburg takes around 17 hours each length.

There are about five daily bus schedules from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

Intercape bus schedules represents at least one of them.

All available Cape Town bus travel tickets to Johannesburg usually costs from R 399.00 to R 780.00 per seat.

There are others bus companies that take this same line as Greyhound, Translux and City to City.


Intercape cover more than 200 stops in all these countries.

Between them, you can find below the main cities that Intercape operates.

Intercape Johannesburg

Intercape has more than 10 bus routes that travel from Johannesburg, in Gauteng.

Others bus companies take this same departure as:

Greyhound, Translux, City to City. Eagle Liner and Eldo Coaches.

Find bus schedules and cheap ticket prices from Johannesburg.

Popular Intercape Destinations from Johannesburg

Johannesburg x Durban

Johannesburg x Harare

Johannesburg x Cape Town

Intercape Cape Town

Intercape has more than 9 bus routes that travel from Cape Town, in Western Cape.

There are others bus companies that take this same destination as:

Greyhound, Translux,City to City.Eagle Liner

Find bus schedules and cheap ticket prices from Cape Town.

Popular Intercape Destinations from Cape Town

Cape Town x Johannesburg

Cape Town x Pretoria

Cape Town x Port Elizabeth

Intercape Pretoria

Intercape has more than 10 bus routes that travel from Pretoria, in Gauteng .

Some others companies take this same destination, like

Greyhound, Translux,City to City, Eagle Liner,and Eldo Coaches.

Find bus schedules and cheap ticket prices from Pretoria

Popular Intercape Destinations from Pretoria

Pretoria x Durban

Pretoria x Cape Town

Pretoria x Bloemfontein

Intercape Durban

Intercape has more than 10 bus routes that travel from Durban, in KwaZulu-Natal.

Some others bus companies take this same destination, like :

Greyhound, Translux,City to City, Eagle Liner,and Eldo Coaches.

Find bus schedules and cheap ticket prices from Durban.

Popular Intercape Destinations from Durban

Durban x Johannesburg

Durban x Pretoria

Durban x Midrand


Intercape's buses are comfortable and safe, that guarantees a pleasant trip for everyone.

There are two categories of coaches, the Mainliner and Sleepliner.

All them are equipped with:

Heating and Air Conditioning;

Video and Audio Entertainments Systems;

Restroom Facilities;

Onboard kitchen;

Reclining seats.

The Intercape's Sleepliner has buses more luxurious.

It offers a premium class for passengers. 

This kind of bus is indicated for long trips.

Who are looking for a cheaper Intercape Ticket, should choice the Mainliner option.


Besides the comfort, these categories have a huge difference between the fares.

The business class can be more expensive than standard class, as the example below:

Johannesburg x Cape Town

In this line, passengers will pay a bus fare from R 590,00 for Mainliner. While the Sleepliner the bus fare is from R 630,00


Travellers can buy their Intercape bus tickets in many different ways.

Intercape Bus Bookings Online

Bus tickets can be purchased online via Intercape website. 

Passengers can pay by credit cards or using internet banking - SID.

The last one is available for some banks as:

Standard Bank;



Nedbank Internet Banking

Buying a Bus Ticket by Phone

Passengers can book and buy their bus ticket by phone.

Just call 0861 287 287, and it will take to Intercape's call centre. 

If the travellers are out of the country, please consider this other phone number: +27 21 380 4400 

Travellers who choose this option can pay by credit card or electronic fund only.

At Intercape Offices

Intercape has many sales offices around South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

Passengers who have chosen this option should look for the nearest agency.

Intercape Sales Offices in South Africa:

Easter Cape

East London

πŸ“ Windmill Office Park, Moore Street, Beach Front, East London

King Williams Town

πŸ“ Station Building, Station Street, King Williams Town


πŸ“ Ludidi Building, Madeira Street, Mthatha

πŸ“ Shell Ultra City, N2 Highway


πŸ“ β„… Nile & Storey Rds, PE

Port Elizabeth

πŸ“ β„… Flemming & North Union Str


πŸ“ Cathcart Road, Queenstown

πŸ“ Station Building, Queensdrive, Queenstown

Free State


πŸ“ 61 Park Road Tourist Centre

Western Cape


πŸ“ George Station, Station Road, George



πŸ“ Park City Transit Centre, β„… Leyds & Loveday Str, Park Station


πŸ“ Station Luxury Coach Terminal, β„… Scheiding & Paul Kruger Streets, Pretoria Railway Station



πŸ“ Durban Station, Masabala Yengwa Ave. (Old NMR Ave), Durban


πŸ“ 269 Burger Street, PMB



πŸ“ 15 Louis Trichardt Street, Nelspruit

Northern Cape


πŸ“ Lutz Street, Upington

Western Cape

Cape Town

πŸ“ 1 Adderley Street, Cape Town City Centre

Intercape Sales Offices in Others Countries:



πŸ“ Kudu Shell Service Station, Queens Rd, Gaborone



πŸ“ Kenyatta Dr, Blantyre Lodge


πŸ“ Total Garage, opp Lilongwe Hotel


πŸ“ Energem Garage


πŸ“ Kentam Mall



πŸ“ Intercape Office, 25 de Setembro nr 1129 r/c


πŸ“ Intercape Office, Praceta Herculano 47, Bairro Hanhane



πŸ“ Intercape Office, Kaunda Square


πŸ“ South End Travel, 106 Mosi-O-Tunya Road


πŸ“ Intecity Bus Terminal



πŸ“ Intercape Office, N1 Hotel, Joshua Mwabuko Nkomo 


πŸ“ Corner 5th/Robert Mugabe way, Roadport, Harare


Before cancel or make some change in your Intercape bus ticket,you should get in touch with Intercape support team.

Be aware that cancellations rules can change in each case. 

Check online at or visit an Intercape office near you. If you prefer to call: +27 21 380 4400 


Children Free Tickets and Discounts

Children under 18 months travel for free, but they are not allowed to use a seat.

Bus tickets for children between 18 months and 11 years old, must receive a discount of 15% off.

They must travel with an adult.

Intercape Family Discount

It is an Intercape special offer for families.

This discount is available only if the family have two adults paying full tickets fare, plus three children.

In this case, each child will receive 50% off in their bus ticket.

All children must be 11 years old or younger

Senior Citizen Discount

Passengers who have 60 years older or more, can get a 15% off in your Intercape Bus Ticket. 

But it's required present ID showing birth date, before buy and boarding in the coach.

Student Discount

Students can receive a discount of 5% off. 

This is available to tertiary education students. 

It is necessary to show the student card before booking and boarding in an Intercape Bus.

SANDF and SAP Discount

Members of SANDF (Defence Intelligence pision) and/or SAPS (South African Police Service) can get 10% off on bus tickets. 

It's necessary to show a valid Force Card or ID when the ticket has been booked, and before boarding the bus.

Frequent Traveller Discount

Passengers that travels a lot with Intercape can get 10% off on your next ticket. 

Travellers who made 10 trips with Intercape, can win a travel voucher to get 10% off in the next bus ticket purchase. 

The voucher is valid for six months.


Every Intercape passengers are allowed to carry on until two suitcases, for free if this luggage not exceeding 20 kilogrammes in weight or 80x60x30cm in dimension.

Allbaggage that has more than 20 kilogrammes, must be taxed in an additional charge per kilogramme.

Intercape can refuse all suitcases that do not fit in this rules.


Travellers can count with many Intercape bus stations.

There is at least one bus stop in each Intercape destination.

The main Intercape buses stations in South Africa is:

Johannesburg Bus Station

πŸ“ Intercape Office, Park City Transit Centre, Johannesburg Station - View on Map

πŸ“ž 021 380 4400

Pretoria Bus Station

πŸ“ C/o Paul Kruger & Scheiding Str, Office 4, Pretoria Station - View on Map

πŸ“ž 021 380 4400

Durban Bus Station

πŸ“Intercape Office, Motorcoach Terminal, Durban Station - View on Maps

πŸ“ž 021 380 4400

Cape Town Bus Station

πŸ“ Intercape Office, Unit 2, Old Marine Drive, Cape Town Station - View on Map

πŸ“ž 021 380 4400


Children under 12 years old must have an adult over 18 years old accompany them.

All pregnant passengers that are 28 weeks, needs to present a medical certificate.

While those who are 30 weeks or more are not allowed to travel.


Documents Required for your Bus Travel

Travellers must guarantee that they are in ownership of valid travel documents. 

In case of foreign passengers, the passenger must have a valid passport and the required visas for all journeys. 

Boarding on Intercape Bus

We recommend that you arrive at the boarding point about 30 minutes in advance from the scheduled departure time. 

It may take some minutes to dispatch luggage and finish boarding process.