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BusTicket is a search tool created to help your bus journey plans.

Here you find all South African bus companies and all bus routes.

Also find complete timetables and bus ticket prices.

Travel by bus across African countries, states and cities by bus.

It's a cheap and comfortable option.

Be aware that border-crossing routes may need passengers have passports or other legal documents.

Foreigners should have all appropriate visas.

Buy bus tickets in many different ways.

Buy it online/website, by phone call or at local points of sale.

It's available a variety of payment methods as credit cards, debit cards and cash.

Notice that each company has different payment policies.

It can affect the you make bus tickets purchases.

Most buses have air conditioning, WiFi, washroom facilities, reclining seats and comfortable legroom.


BusTicket helps you to plan the best option for your bus trip.

Here you will find all fares and schedules from the main bus companies in South Africa.

To buy the bus tickets you want, the first step is to access BusTicket.

Click on the indicated search boxes.

The first box with the location you will be leaving from.

The second box with the location you want to go.

You’ll get back a list with all information about the chosen bus route.

There will have departure times, trip length and ticket price.

Also bus companies ratings made by previous travelers.

On top of that list you’ll see the calendar button.

Through this button you can change the date of your bus trip.

And then check out the results and travel information on planned date.

After selecting the best trip, get the full information about it. 

If you done with all information and ready, click on "buy ticket".

Than you will be redirect to company’s website to buy your bus ticket.

There are many payment methods to buy your bus tickets.

It's informed just below.

Online Bus Ticket Sale

Most official bus companies websites sell bus tickets online.

There's variety of payment methods as credit cards or debit cards.

All prices shown in Rand, local currency. 

Be aware of ticket cancellation and ticket change policies.

Phone Call Bus Ticket Sale

Some bus companies sell their bus tickets by phone.

Usually it's a 24 hours customer care phone service.

Call the company and get informed by ticket booking policies.

Usually you will have to provide your credit card informations.

After it, you will just have to pick up your bus ticket at the terminal.

Buy your bus ticket in advance can avoid troubles.

At Terminal Bus Ticket Sale

The most common way to buy bus tickets is going to the bus station or departure terminals. 

To buy a bus ticket at terminal, you can pay by credit cards, debit cards or cash.

Travelers can also buy tickets at associated travel agencies.

As well third part offices located on different sales points in many cities.


South African bus companies have a new and modern fleet.

Which ensures comfort and safety for their passengers and employees.

In all kinds of bus trips.

Most fleet have features like: 

Luggage space;


Three-point safety belts;

Heating and air conditioning;

Restroom facilities;

Video and audio entertainments systems;

Reclining seats;

Electrical sockets for charging phones and computers.


Each bus company has a distinct policy on bus tickets discounts.

Most of the buses companies offers a discount for:

Family groups;


Senior citizens;


Members of SANDF (Defence Intelligence pision) and/or SAPS (South African Police Service).

On Eagle Liner travelers can get discounts using Mahala Travelers Loyalty Program.

The program offers a 50% off discount for who travels 10 times during a one year (twelve months).

Children Discounts, Senior Discounts and Disabled Persons discounts

Most companies offer a free bus ticket for children younger than 2 (two years old).

But they cannot occupy a seat.

In spite of this discount is common.

But each bus company has its own discounts policy.

Like all children, between two and 11 years old, can travel by Greyhound South Africa with 15% off.

Disabled persons and/or with limited mobility can get free help at the bus terminal and on the bus.

But even not being a regular practice.

There are some bus companies that allows caregivers.

To travel for free or with discount.

For seniors, the Translux bus company have a Senior Citizens Discounts.

Which passengers who have 60 years older or more, can get 10% off in their bus ticket.


its usual some passengers have any problem before the trip.

For this situation, most of the South African bus companies allows some kind of changes.

Like refund if the client won’t travel anymore or schedule new travel date.

If it's your case, you’ll need to notify the bus company.

And inform about your transference or bus ticket cancellation.

But do this before the trip date, some days earlier.

And remember there are amendment and cancellation fees.

Which can vary according to the advance of the request change.

When you postpone your trip, the new ticket can be more expensive than the cost of the original.

In this case, you’ll have to pay an amendment fee plus the difference between the two tickets costs.

If the new ticket reservation is cheaper than the original ticket, make sure it's the same bus type.


Safe Seats - How to know which seat is the safest for a bus ride

If you look for safety in the first place, this topic will give tips on the best seats to choose for a bus trip.

The first thing already said is buy your ticket in advance.

This is a must if you want to have more seats options.

Especially if you want to choose the best place to travel.

The good seats end up faster than you think.

Even more during busy seasons.

Remembering this rule you will have all the bus seats to choose from on the available chart.

Let's start with safety factor.

Which should be a priority in  any kind of travel, short or long.

According to Department of Transport, from all accidents occurred on roads, most of the time is rear-end collisions.

Representing about 25% of total collisions.

This map illustrates a bus viewed from above.

Its shows the most dangerous and safer seats spots  on the bus.

In events such as frontal & rear collisions and vehicles rollovers.

Even if it is more pleasant to travel at the first rows in "red" (seats 01 to 12), just because of road view, along with latests "red" (37 to 40), those are the most dangerous seats.

In the case of any accident the first and last rows are the most affected.

In the case of any accident the first and last rows are the most affected.

Following the scale of most dangerous seats to safer seats, "oranges" (Seats 09/10/15/16/33/34/35/36) still have a certain risk.

As for the other places in "light orange" and "blue" (numbers 13 to32), those are actually recommended for a safe bus ride.

And finally the green seats (22 and 24), in the middle of bus corridor are the safest.

Remember that this scheme numbers is just a visual reference.

According to the size and model of the bus the security points will change.

Consider this information when you choosing bus seats for your next trip.

And don't forget to always use seat belt!


Get Earlier on Boarding Bus

It's important to arrive at the terminal one hour before your bus departure.

At least.

So you have enough time to check your ticket without problems.

Before the boarding procedure,  baggage dispatch will take some time.

Baggage Size and Weight Limits

Each bus company has its own rules about carrying luggage.

Some allow transporting just one luggage per passenger.

And it max weight up to 30 kilograms.

Passengers can carry on board one hand luggage.

Not exceeding 5 kilograms.

This type of luggage may have sizes that can fit on lap.

Or fit on overhead racks, the compartment above seats and under the seat in front of them.

Traveling with Pets on Bus

All South African bus companies doesn't allow transporting any kind of animals on buses. 

Yet, trained assistance dogs have permission.

They can travel inside the bus helping disabled passengers.

Traveling by Bus between African Countries

In any case of  International bus travel, all passengers must have a valid passport.

And in some cases the required visas for the destination.